Waste Management in Russia

Waste Management in Russia

According to the statistics, the waste recovery rate in Russia is respectively low compared with other European countries. The average MSW recovery rate of EU member states has reached 60%, while in Russia, it is near zero.

Waste Management in Russia
Traditional Landfills in Russia

In Russia, more than 80% landfills were built 20 years ago and most of them cover a large land space (larger than 10 hectares) and don’t meet current standards for sanitary landfills, which, in some way, worsen the negative effects of the landfills. Some hazardous matters in the waste cannot only contaminate the underwater and soil but also the air finally. In accordance with the official estimation, there are about 32 billions tons of waste in the landfills in Russia. And there are only remaining 30% – 35% the capacity of all the landfills at present.

Waste Management in Russia
A Protest in Volokolamsk against the Local Landfill

It is said that only if the waste processing capacity of the landfills in Russia doubles in 2025, the increasingly waste shall be controlled. So how to double the waste processing capacity of those old and low-efficient landfills and where is the way out for Russian municipal solid waste management?

  • Firstly, the country needs to find a specific solid waste management system for their own. The system shall comply with the local waste management situation.
  • Secondly, they need to improve the awareness of waste recovery of the public, advocate effective technologies or methods of waste management, such as garbage classification and solid waste separation, etc.
  • Thirdly, the government shall play an important and leading role in a nationwide MSW management revolution. If necessary, they shall encourage the local government or private investors to introduce advanced waste treatment technology from foreign countries and set up modernized waste processing facilities.
Waste Separator
A Scientific Waste Segregation Plant

Apparently, the municipal solid waste management industry in Russia is now growing and it will bring a lot of opportunities to solid waste recycling and recovery. Even though the private enterprises of waste recycling only cover 30% of the whole market and there are still few enterprises which can run smoothly in the urban areas of large cities in Russia, we still have confidence with the government. The potential value of solid waste and the potential profits in the waste recycling industry will finally be recognized by more investors in Russia.

Waste Sorting Machine
Beston High Efficiency Waste Sorting and Recycling Plant for Sale

Beston always has a strong will that waste recycling and recovery will finally be accepted by every corner in the world. Russia is a super country in the world, and we believe it will find the way out finally.

If you happen to be in Russia and you are very interested in waste management and recycling, you can leave your message to Beston right now and we will respond as soon as possible.

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