Urban Solid Waste Management Plant

Urban Solid Waste Management Project

Urban Solid Waste Management Project
Urban Solid Waste Management Project

At present, solid waste is the biggest factor to cause the environmental pollution, especially in the urban where it has a larger population and higher consuming level but a weak waste management system. With people’s awareness of environmental protection increasing, the urban solid waste management project has become a focused issue, and Beston urban solid waste sorting machine also has been developed under this situation. The sorting facility mainly can be used for disposing municipal waste, medical waste, industrial waste, household wastes, etc., which is a great project worthy of investing in.

Brief description of Beston urban solid waste management project

The urban solid waste management plant designed by Beston Group has adopted advanced sorting technologies. The waste sorting equipment has been equipped with the sealed conveyor, crusher, bag breaker, uniform distribution machine, rotary screening machine, comprehensive winning machine, manual sorting platform, etc. With the above mature devices, we can truly realize the purpose of waste sorting, recycling and resourcing. In addition, during the whole waste separation process, the rotary screening machine and comprehensive winning machine are the most important parts of the machine, which has decided the working efficiency and the value of the machine.

Rotating screening machine
Rotating screening machine
Comprehensive suction system
Comprehensive suction system

Rotary screening machine: we have specially designed many small holes inside the rotary screen machine, so as to separate the wastes of different sizes. In general, the size of the holes is between 50mm and 60mm.

Comprehensive winnowing machine: this device is mainly used to process the sorted materials whose sizes are larger than 60mm. The machine has been installed two big blowers, and then it has utilized the gravity and wind power to pick up different useful materials from waste mixtures. Under the function of air flower, the light wastes will be blown to other flow lines, while the heavy materials will drop below the conveyor directly. In this step, we can make sure that 90% of the urban solid waste can be recycled, which has greatly increased the sorting efficiency.

What we can get from the urban solid waste disposal plant

1. Light waste plastic: the plastic waste can be recycled to produce new related plastic products or further processed into fuel oil by waste plastic pyrolysis plant;

Plastic waste
Further processing of plastic waste

2. Heavy materials: it mainly include stone and sand, metal and even glass. The earth and stone are mainly processed into bricks by brick maker line; metal is always sold to melting industry directly. Whichever method we use, these raw materials will be thoroughly recovered to realize the biggest utilized value.

Processing of construction waste

3. Secondary heavy materials: this part of materials includes hard plastic, textile materials, waste rubber, wet paper, etc. The waste rubber can be recycled into fuel oil and carbon black by waste rubber pyrolysis machine, or it will be processed into rubber power. As for the other materials, they can be packed for selling directly.

4. Organic material: the organic materials are treated into biogas by fermentation system or used to produce natural fertilizer.

Processing of Organic waste

Compared with the traditional solid waste disposal methods, Beston urban solid waste sorting machine can be said the most environmental project. After the continuous development and innovation, the solid waste management plant has been exported to many foreign countries, and has attracted more and more customers. Last month, our Nigeria customers came to China to have a field visiting and planned to establish the urban garbage recycle plant in Nigeria. We had shown them around our professional production plant and provided the detailed info of the waste management machine, including the project report, price list, basic parameter, etc. The both sides are discussing the cooperation details now.

urban waste sorting machine
Italian customers visited Beston urban waste sorting machine

In order to expand our business in foreign, we are planning to set overseas warehouse in many countries, which will be more convenient for delivering, installing and serving. We are looking forward to opening wider market and establish the urban solid waste management project all over the world. So if you believe in us, we are glad to cooperate with you and never let you down. You can leave a message to contact us:

Urban Solid Waste Management Plant
Urban Solid Waste Management Plant 3D Layout

ModelBFX-100BFX-200BFX-400Raw materialsMunicipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining wasteCapacity5 T/H10T/H20T/HPower149KW224.7KW279KWArea2400㎡2800㎡3000㎡Working time20 hours20 hours20 hours

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