Trash Sorter Machine

Trash Sorter Machine

In some places, trash is required to put in different cans. But in most places, the trash hasn’t been classified clearly. As a result, the mixed trash can’t be recycled, which not only wastes resources but also pollutes the environment. In order to better solve the problem, Beston Group has developed the trash sorter machine, which can fully separate the trash mixtures and make the trash can be processed finally.

Trash Sorter Machine
Beston Trash Sorting Machine for Sale

Basic information of trash sorter machine

1. Raw materials: MSW (municipal solid waste), household waste, food remaining, construction waste, etc.

2. Capacity: 100-400t/d; Power: 224.7kw-294kw;

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

3. Trash sorting methods: the rubbish sorting machine has adopted a series of sorting methods to achieve full separation of waste, such as gravity method, volumetric method, cyclone separation method, bouncing separation method and magnetic separation method, etc.

4. Final products: after sorted by Beston trash recycling plant, the trash can be divided into different materials, including plastic, green waste or biomass waste, organic waste, metal, inorganic waste, combustible substances, dust, broken glasses, etc.

Plastic Waste
Plastic Waste
Organic Matter
Organic Matter
Brick & Stones
Brick & Stones

Applications of end products separated out from trash sorting machine

After sorted by Beston trash separation machine, the trash materials can be separated into different parts. The separated trash can be widely used in many areas respectively or further processed into useful resources with higher prices and values.

trash sorting machine
End products from trash sorting machine
Type Main products Applications
Construction waste Dust, earth, sand, stone, broken glasses, etc. Made into bricks by brick production line;
Green waste (biomass waste) Tree leaves, grass, fruit shells, wood, straw, etc. Carbonized into charcoal powder by carbonizing machine; the powder can be further processed into briquettes for BBQ heating;
Organic waste Food remaining, faeces, straw, tree branches, etc. Processed into biogas for generating electricity by biogas plant;
Metal Metal products such as caps, etc. Can be sold directly or smelt for making new metal products;
Plastic waste PET Processed into flakes, and then processed into fibers, which can be used for making clothes, pillow inner, bolster, etc.;
PP, PE, ABS, PS, etc. 1. Can be packed by auto packing machine and then sold directly;

2. Converted into fuel oil and carbon black for higher values by pyrolysis equipment.

Simple Description of Beston Trash Separation Systems

1. Methods of Feeding Raw Materials

a. Feeding trash in the pit:

Advantages: low cost, short construction period (one or two weeks), small occupied area;

b. Feeding trash on the second floor:

Advantages: easy to manage the working environment of the sorting machine, high-end and sanitary.

Feeding trash in pit
Feeding trash in pit
Feeding trash on second floor
Feeding trash on second floor

2. Methods of Sorting

a. Rotary screening machine:

Function: mainly used for sorting organic matters. According to the sieve plate size, the garbage can be divided into two parts: larger than 50mm and smaller than 50mm. After going through the magnetic separation system, the iron materials in the organic materials (smaller than 50mm) can be selected out. Then the organic matters can be used for composting.

b. Comprehensive suction sorting:

Function: to separate three kinds of materials out from the inorganic matters, including light plastic waste, heavy substances (bricks, stones, etc.) as well as secondary heavy substances (rubber products, hard plastic, shoes, etc.).

c. Manual sorting platform:

Function: firstly, after distributed, the garbage is sent to manual sorting platform. The large pieces of garbage will be sorted out by manual, such as clothes, wood furniture, etc. The comprehensive suction system will separate heavy substances, sub-heavy substances, and lightweight plastic out from the garbage. These three kinds of substances need to be sent to the manual sorting platform for picking out useful substances before recycling.

Rotating screening machine
Rotating screening machine
Comprehensive suction system
Comprehensive suction system
Manual sorting platform
Manual sorting platform

3. Other Important Devices

a. Uniform distributing machine to evenly distribute the trash in the belt conveyor for further sorting;

b. Bag breaking machine to crush the garbage bags, to make the garbage in the bags can be broken up and sorted;

c. Sealed belt conveyor to transport trash;

d. Suspension type magnetic separator to sort out iron materials, such as the battery, coins, iron cans, etc.;

e. Deodorant equipment to remove the bad odor in the workshop;

f. The surveillance system of Beston trash sorter machine to monitor the operation of the garbage sorting equipment;

g. PLC controlling system to control the start and stop of the whole plant.

Advantages of Beston rubbish classification equipment:

1. The automatic sorting system ensures high sorting purity, to achieve thorough, automated and mechanized sorting;

2. The trash recycling equipment has the features of the unique and compact structure, stable operation, large handling capacity, low energy consumption, low failure rate, long service life, which is the main equipment of municipal solid waste management plant;

3. Customized service: we provide four models (with a capacity of 100-400t/d) available for your choice, and the devices of our trash recycling plant can be increased or decreased according to your detailed requirement.

Trash Sorting Machine
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Having been in the waste recycling field for over 15 years, Beston Group has rich experience in manufacturing, selling and exporting trash sorter machine. If you want detailed information about the plant, please leave your message now!

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