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Solid Waste Management Plant

Introduction of Beston solid waste management plant

Are you looking for an ideal solution to deal with municipal solid waste? Do you want to turn waste into energy? Beston municipal solid waste management plant is the best choice for you.

Waste Management Equipment
Beston Latest Municipal Solid Waste Management Equipment 3D Layout

Beston solid waste management equipment has adopted a series of sorting methods to achieve the fully separation of the solid waste, so the plant can be also called waste sorting plant or waste separation machine. It mainly uses gravity method, volumetric method, cyclone separation method, bouncing separation method and magnetic separation method, etc., to divide the solid waste into six categories:

A: inorganic matter;

B: organic matter;

C: sand and soil;

D: non-recyclable combustible materials (supplemented by simple manual sorting, such as hard plastic, rubber garbage);

E: iron magnetic objects and batteries;

F: film type plastic and so on.

Plastic Waste
Plastic Waste
Organic Matter
Organic Matter
Brick & Stones
Brick & Stones
The sorting rate can reach more than 85%, and the film plastic sorting rate can reach more than 90%. Each of the final products has its own applications and can be further processed into useful resources, which can fully realize “waste to energy”.

Features of Beston solid waste management equipment for sale

1. Fast: the products can be discharged after feeding for 40 minutes; the intraday garbage can be disposed of in one day;

2. Harmless: the operation of our MSW processing plant is fully closed, so no odor spilling; no plastic incineration, so no or less harmful emissions generated; rapid treatment, so no leachate or less leachate generated;

3. Almost no remaining; all the garbage will be recycled and processed thoroughly;

4. Strong adaptability: suitable for municipal solid waste, household waste, agricultural waste, construction waste, etc.;

5. Small occupied land: short construction period; small covering area;

6. High degree of resource utilization and industrialization: as the separation of waste is thorough, the recyclable materials can be fully recovered; at the same time, it also reduces the amount of waste incineration, but also reduces the amount of harmful gases (especially the incinerator dioxin production volume);

7. Advanced equipment: the majority of the sorting equipment is patented equipment and design based on many years’ experience and practical verification in the field concise; low failure rate; good use effect; quite suitable for the world’s urban waste treatment;

8. Low cost: the waste treatment process consumes less energy; no need for water; source of energy recycling; Beston solid waste management plant cost is lower than the other disposal technologies;

9. High return on investment: thorough disposal of solid waste; high recycling rate of materials; good social and economic benefits; greater output than input.

Unique Design of Municipal Solid Waste Management System

Beston reasonable and compact solid waste management plant design has combined advanced technology with special materials, which has the features of safe, automated and stable operation, large capacity, multiple choices, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low failure rate, long service life, clean workshop and so on.

1. Methods of feeding raw materials

Feeding trash in pit
Feeding trash in pit
Feeding trash on second floor
Feeding trash on the second floor

a. Feeding trash in the pit:
Advantages: low cost, short construction period (one or two weeks), small occupied areas;

b. Feeding trash on the second floor:
Advantages: easy to manage the environment of the waste management plants, high-end and generous.

2. Methods of sorting

a. Rotary screening machine:

Function: mainly used for sorting organic matters. According to the sieve plate size, the MSW can be divided into two parts: larger than 50mm and smaller than 50mm. After going through the magnetic separation system, the iron materials in the organic materials (smaller than 50mm) can be selected out. Then the organic matters can be used for composting.

b. Comprehensive suction sorting:

Function: to separate three kinds of materials out from the inorganic matters, including light plastic waste, heavy substances (bricks, stones, etc.) as well as secondary heavy substances (rubber products, hard plastic, shoes, etc.).

Rotating screening machine
Rotating screening machine
Comprehensive suction system
Comprehensive suction system
Manual sorting platform
Manual sorting platform
c. Manual sorting platform:

Function: firstly, after distributed, the solid waste is sent to manual sorting platform. The large pieces of waste will be sorted out by manual, such as clothes, wood furniture, etc. The comprehensive suction system will separate heavy substances, sub-heavy substances, and lightweight plastic out from the garbage. These three kinds of substances need to be sent to the manual sorting platform for picking out useful substances before recycling.

3. Other important devices:

a. Uniform distributing machine to evenly distribute the trash in the belt conveyor for further sorting;

b. Bag breaking machine to crush the garbage bags, to make the garbage in the bags can be broken up and sorted;

c. Sealed belt conveyor to transport trash;

d. Suspension type magnetic separator to sort out iron materials, such as the battery, coins, iron cans, etc.;

Uniform distributing machine
Uniform distributing machine
Bag breaking machine
Bag breaking machine
Sealed belt conveyor
Sealed belt conveyor
Suspension type magnetic separator
Suspension type magnetic separator
e. Deodorant equipment to remove the bad odor in the workshop;

f. Surveillance system to monitor the operation of the municipal waste recycling machine;

g. PLC controlling system to control the start and stop of the whole plant.

Deodorant equipment
Deodorant equipment
Surveillance system
Surveillance system
PLC controlling system
PLC controlling system

How to start a solid waste management unit?

If you want to start a garbage recycling plant for your business, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. Enough raw materials for processing: the plant can deal with 100t-400t waste in per day;

2. A piece of land to establish the solid waste management facility;

3. Analysis on the composition of garbage: we will configure the plant according to the specific composition of garbage;

Solid Waste Management Plant
Beston Solid Waste Management Plant

4. Make sure what final products you want to get;

5. Your budget for the plant: we will provide a detailed cost analysis for your reference;

6. Certificates about the project: different countries have different requirements on environmental projects, and we will help you obtain related certificates;

7. Financial support from the local government or banks: as this kind of solid waste management project is beneficial for the whole city, the government or banks in many countries will provide financial support; we will assist you to get the support.

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

Find the best municipal solid waste management equipment manufacturer – Beston Group

Having been in the waste recycling field for many years, Beston has many advantages superior to the other waste management machine manufacturers:

Waste Management Equipment Manufacturer
Argentine Customer in Beston Group – Solid Waste Management Equipment Manufacturer

1. 18+ years’ rich experience in researching, production, sales, exporting of the plant;

2. High-quality products: each of the plant has obtained certificates, such as CE, ISO, SGS, etc.;

3. Reasonable price: we can guarantee the highest quality and an affordable price in the market;

4. Perfect service: first-class pre-sale and after-sale service; if you want to get more info about the municipal solid waste management plant, please contact Beston Group on Facebook directly, and we will reply your email in 24 hours.

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