Production Process Of Egg Tray Making Machine

An egg tray making machine is an equipment that produces egg trays through the use of waste paper from sources like old books, magazines, and newspapers. The raw materials are plentiful, therefore making the production process quite economical. It will make different kinds of egg trays depending on the customer’s preferences while there is the option of various molds in several sizes to aid to the purpose. The machines may be found in various sizes and designs based on the capacity it really is anticipated to produce.

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Egg Pulping System

The appliance works to produce egg trays efficiently through four stages. The initial step may be the egg tray pulping system, where every one of the raw materials are blended with water and let to absorb it fully. After it can be well mixed, the pulp then passes through a hydraulic pulper which will blend it evenly, and then it is taken up the pulp refiner produce a paste that is with the same consistency and texture. The quantity of pulping and refining is based upon the type and measurements of egg trays to get produced. Also, during this period, the operator can opt to add in some pigmentation to offer color towards the egg trays. Still, the quantity needs to be proportional and as per customer preferences.

Hydraulic Pulper to Nigeria
Hydraulic Pulper

Egg Tray Moulding

Following the pulp gets refined, it is going through pumps that deliver it to the available molds for that actual making of your egg trays. There is a vacuum pump that facilitates this procedure to be sure the attachment from the pulp in the pattern is firm, that will enable the end products being of the perfect shape. Furthermore, since the paste is incredibly wet, most water is pumped out during this period to create the drying process somewhat easier. The mold might be changed based on what is in line for production. Shapes come in differing types to suit eggs, fruits like apples, and in many cases coffee cups.

Egg Tray Drying

When the egg trays get fully molded towards the desired shapes, they is still water retention that must get eliminated. The egg trays will need to go through a drying process before they may be in use. You will find various kinds of drying systems, however their major determinant will be the production capacity. For small scale projects, just drain the egg trays in the sun, but this is certainly only possible during hot seasons. However, in case you are creating a large amount, then this metal or brick drying room is a lot more efficient. These rooms operate on heat, with all the primary source being gas or diesel.

Egg Tray Packing

It is the last stage of the egg tray making process. Once the egg trays are fully dry, they have to get packed then transported to the shoppers. The egg drying system utilizes the assistance of a hot press that makes the trays smoother so as to get stacked within the required quantities. Later they can be packaged and labeled for delivery.

The egg tray making machine is a great investment as it is efficient and also runs using an environmentally sustainable process. It uses minimal resources while focusing mostly on the recycling of all the wastes. They come in sizes, so that your choice is entirely dependant upon the sort of production needs which you have.