Deodorant system

Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment – Function & Working Principle of Deodorant Tower

Function of the deodorant tower:

Beston company has many years’ experience in the researching, developing and manufacturing of municipal solid waste treatment plant, of which the deodorant system is developed under years’ practical experience in the accumulation of garbage research and development. The equipment has solved the problems of odor pollution in the process of dumping, sorting and composting. It will achieve good environmental effect by cooperating with other supporting devices.

The current traditional deodorant systems are mostly water adsorption treatment tower or microbial contact degradation of the processor. The water adsorption deodorant equipment has better treatment effect on the inorganic gas treatment, but it can not achieve the desired treatment results on the organic gas. While the traditional microbial processor can not get enough nutrients for the micro-organisms, which is easy to cause partial anti-aging reaction, and thereby reducing deodorant efficiency.

Deodorant Tower of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment
Deodorant Tower of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment

In response to this problem, Beston Group has developed a continuous spray bio-degradation deodorant system. The different odor generated in the process of dumping, pre-sorting and composting will be introduced by the draft fan, and then mixed with spray liquid. Making use of special microbial metabolism to complete the washing and conversion process, it will make the bad odor degradated, to achieve the deodorant effect. The bacteria in the system is designed for the cultivation of new varieties of garbage disposal, which has the great features of strong adaptability and high survival rate without frequently adding and can better deal with the malodorous gas. At the same time, the system has stable and reliable operation ability and low operation cost. Therefore, it has great promotion value on the disposal of municipal solid waste, sewage treatment and biological deodorization.

Working principal of deodorant tower:

The system is designed to take the gas phase component from the bottom to the top for uniform distribution,, and the liquid phase is sprayed at the same time by layer. In this way, the odor to be treated is completely mixed with the spray liquid and the bacteria in each layer of the treatment bin, so that the the microorganisms attached to the packing in each treatment bin can be sufficiently degraded and digested to achieve the goal of deodorization for the whole solid waste management plant.

Deodorant system
Sealed deodorant system

In the process of gas-liquid reverse washing, the waste gas purification tower is divided into three layers of filler: the first layer and the second layer are filled with elastic ball filler respectively; the third layer is filled with rope-like filler. The exhaust gas moves from the bottome to top, and the water moves from the top to bottom. The exhaust gas sucks the dust and harmful substances (the odor) into the filler through the elastic filling, and the water acts as a dust-reducing film. The odor after filling can meet the national emission standards, and will be discharged to the atmosphere; after recyclable using, the water can produce biodegradable bacteria, adsorbing on the filler film, to play an important role in the odor removal.