Urban Domestic Waste Treatment

Methods of Solving the Dilemma of Urban Domestic Waste Treatment

Urban solid waste is a kind of solid waste in the environmental impact factor. As the rapid economic development and rising consumption level of the public, how to dispose the municipal solid waste has become an urgent problem to be solved. According to the environmental protection law, the environment impact assessment law and the relevant laws and regulations, the requirements of processing the municipal solid waste include the classification, recycling, reduction, resourcing and reusing.

Reduction of waste refers to using clean energy and raw materials containing less pollutants as far as possible in the daily production and life, reducing the over-packaging of products, and adopting the raw materials easy to dismantle, degrade, non-toxic harmless or low toxicity.

Urban Domestic Waste Treatment
Urban Domestic Waste Treatment

Resource recycling: garbage collection and recycling. Make the garbage processed into raw materials for production and living products, to achieve fully recycling of waste.

Reusing: optimize and develop new production processes, such as making use of the new municipal solid waste treatment equipment to burn the household waste with high calorific value, turning waste into treasure. By this method, it can not only reduce the consumption of coal and other resources, but also dispose the waste in a green way.

In addition, the biological treatment of garbage, such as biogasification, high temperature composting, sanitary landfill, and other treatment and disposal methods can solve the problem of garbage pollution. The premise is to be classified, to fully make use of recyclable materials and achieve the greatest degree of reduction. The sorting of garbage refers to separating the waste in the source, and process the waste into resources through the process of classification, clearance and recovery. The benefits of waste sorting process are obvious. The classified garbage will be sent to factory rather than landfill, which can not only save the land, but also turn waste into treasure.

As the development of social and economic, the management of waste has become more and more important. We must take measures to solve the pollution problem, reduce landfills and make contribution to nest generations. If you have interest in investing in the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.