Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project

Market Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project

In the process of urbanization, as a product of urban metabolism, garbage was once the burden of urban development, and many cities in the world has a garbage siege situation. But nowadays, garbage is considered as the “urban mineral” and “misplaced resource” that has the most development potential and is never exhausted. This not only is the in-depth and deepening of garbage, but also is the inevitable requirement of urban development.

Chines waste disposal industry started late, but through continuous development, our garbage disposal industry begun to take shape. The capacity of waste treatment market has increased significantly, and the market penetration rate is also increasing rapidly.

As environmental issues become more and more important, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the theme of international development and have begun to provide opportunities for industrial development for waste management. The average annual growth rate of world’s garbage is 8.42%, and garbage annual production is 490 million. Under such a huge garbage pressure, we should believe that the garbage disposal industry will become the star industry in the near future.

Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project
Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project

Information on municipal solid waste management plant

Purpose of waste treatment

1. To reduce waste production;

2. To ensure that the garbage has been properly disposed;

3. To achieve the proliferation benefits of waste disposal;

4. To promote the development of circular economy;

5. To reduce waste pollution.

Basic tasks

1. The source needs side management;

2. The construction and management of waste disposal system;

3. The supply and demand balance of garbage management service;

4. The efficiency and fair balance of garbage treatment methods.

Basic requirement on the applications of municipal solid waste disposal:

1. The treatment of domestic waste should protect the public health and human health, prevent environmental pollution, and follow the principle of “reduction, resource recycling, harmless”.

2. Avoid and reduce the production of garbage from the source as far as possible, and the resulting garbage should be sorted as much as possible to achieve the source reduction. The sorted and recyclable garbage should be classified for transporting or further recycling. Through the continuous improvement of waste treatment level, we should ensure that the domestic waste is disposed harmlessly.

3. The disposal of household waste should take the key areas into account, such as garbage collection, transport, domestic waste disposal facilities, operation and management, the implementation of garbage collection and disposal, and strive to build “urban and rural planning, technical rational, adequate capacity, environmental standards” of waste sorting system.

3、The domestic waste disposal work should be included in the national economic and social development plan. We should take technical policies and measures that are beneficial to the environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of economic to promote the industrialization of domestic waste disposal.

4、Beston Group has established municipal solid waste recycling plants in many areas, which has greatly improved the local environment. Beston company is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and first-class service. Look forward to opening wide market and cooperating with more customers.