household waste management 

Household Waste Management Project

Household waste management project refers to separating the household waste into different parts, and then turning the waste materials into useful resources. It also can be called household waste sorting plant or household waste recycling plant. Generally ,the household waste mainly can be finally divided into four parts:

Household Waste Management Project
Beston Household Waste Management Project for Sale

1. Recyclable waste, including plastic, paper, glass, etc.;

2. Kitchen garbage, including leftovers, bones, cabbage and other food waste;

3. Hazardous waste, including waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste mercury thermometer, expired drugs, and these garbage materials need special and safe management;

4. Other garbage: in addition to the above types of garbage, the brick and tile ceramics, dregs and other materials also need to be disposed specially.

Plastic Waste
Plastic Waste
Organic Matter
Organic Matter
Brick & Stones
Brick & Stones

Working process and composition of household waste sorting plant

Working process:

Garbage → distributing machine → manual sorting (to sort out large pieces of garbage) → bag breaker → rotating screening machine → A: garbage under the sieve (smaller than 50mm)w & B: garbage above the sieve (larger than 50mm)

A: Garbage smaller than 50mm → magnetic separator → composting

B: Garbage larger than 50mm → magnetic separator → comprehensive winnowing machine to sort out three kinds of materials:

Firstly, light waste plastics; secondly, heavy materials (bricks and stones, rubber overshoes, tiles, glasses, etc.); thirdly, secondary heavy materials (hard plastic, textile, rubber products, wet paper products, etc.).

household waste sorting

Equipment composition:

Plastic feeder, uniform distributing machine, bag breaking machine, magnetic separator, sealed belt conveyor, rotating screening machine, comprehensive suction machine, manual sorting platform, etc.

Basic parameter:

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

Why household waste management project is superior than the traditional waste disposal methods

1. Economic benefits

The household waste sorting machine will save a lot of land and capital. It is an environmental “waste to energy” project and turns waste into useful resources, which will create great profits and drive the economic improvement.

household waste management equipment
Household waste management equipment on working

2. Social benefits

The household waste management plant belongs to a social welfare environmental-protection project, which can improve the living environmental for people, and also improve the ecological environment and promote the economic construction of the city.

The implementation of this project has fundamentally solved the harm caused by the household waste, and protected the country’s land resources. The establishment of the household waste recycling plant can not only create economic benefits, but also bring real and long-term social benefits.

3. Environmental benefits

The garbage disposal plant project will provide new treatment sites for the urban and rural garbage, and the household waste can be fully reduced, reused and recycled. On the one hand, the construction of household waste treatment equipment can eliminate the water, soil and air pollution caused by the garbage, to protect the nearby water safety and effectively reduce the incidence of infectious diseases; on the other hand, the management of household waste can also reduce the loss of agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries caused by garbage, and promote the development of social productive forces.

FAQ of the household waste recycling plant

Q: The position of the application of household waste sorting technology in household waste disposal?

A: In the view of the status situation of household waste management, in order to achieve urban and rural waste reduction, resource, harmless, the household waste sorting process is the key part in the household waste comprehensive treatment. From the point of view of comprehensive treatment, choose a reasonable route of municipal solid waste sorting to improve its effectiveness and efficiency, and simplify the follow-up process route to reduce the investment and operation cost, which is important.

Q: What is the composition and moisture content of the household waste?

A: The household waste has big differences due to the different regions and seasons. Therefore, the treatment of garbage needs field trips according to the local conditions.

Household waste sorting plant for sale
Household waste sorting plant for sale

Q: What are the advantages of the household waste management project in disposing household waste?

A: 1. It adopts fully enclosed and mechanized sorting system, which can greatly save manual sorting and labor costs;

2. The waste separation purity can be more than 85%;

3. Low operation cost.

Q: What is the plastic sorting rate? How to separate the plastic and paper?

A: The plastic sorting rate can reach more than 90%. Because the paper is hydrophilic, and the proportion of water absorption is much larger than the plastic film, we can use comprehensive suction machine to separate the plastic and paper out.

Household waste managaement equipment shipped to Hungary:

Household Waste Management Plant Project
Household Waste Sorting Machine
Househould Waste Management
Shipping Out

With the rapid development of world’s economic construction and urban construction, the urban framework is growing and the amount of urban pollution is increasing at the same time. The household waste had not been disposed properly and had caused serious air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. Establishing a new household waste management plant is the fundamental way to solve the garbage problem. The local government in many countries has attached great importance to the plant and regard the plant as a key project. The government also will provides funds and policies support for the disposal of municipal solid waste. If you want to start a household waste management project, please contact us right now. We will provide the most professional advice, advanced technology, high-quality products, and top-class service.

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