Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment

Brief Analysis on the Technical Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment

In order to dispose municipal solid waste in an effective and green method, Beston has launched the solid waste treatment plant. Next, we will give a simple description on the technical characteristics of living waste treatment equipment, and hope this piece of news can help you a lot at work.

1. There is no any assist materials applied during the solid waste sorting process, which has the characteristics of energy-saving, low cost of transportation, etc. In connection with the features of higher moisture content, lower caloric value of municipal solid waste,Beston waste sorting machine has been equipped with the dryer device to remove the residual moisture, so as to increase the caloric value of waste. In this way, it has laid a root for the subsequent sorting process.

Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment
New-Developed Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment

2. Beston Group is engaged in integrating the different waste sorting technologies, so that we can truly realize the classification, sorting and recycling of waste. By this method, we can reach the goal of maximum resourcing of waste. The garbage sorting machine invented by Beston Group has adopted the advanced sorting system which is different from the traditional single disposal method of waste incineration. Our machine has integrated the high temperature pyrolysis & gasification, high efficiency combustion, anaerobic digestion and RDF into a whole, which can fully convert efficient components of waste to useful resources for recycling. The end products of Beston waste management plant include: RDF combustible materials, renewable plastic, construction materials, biogas and organic fertilizer, etc.

3. In addition, our municipal solid waste sorting machine has introduced comprehensive waste treatment methods, so as to efficiently decline the discharge of waste and secondary pollution. In this way, our waste separation machine project can meet the EU emission standard. The comprehensive waste treatment methods mainly include two kinds of technologies: firstly, before the processing of high temperature pyrolysis, our machine will utilize the ways of anaerobic digestion, RDF, recyclable plastic recycling to reduce the harmful components of polyvinyl chloride, chorobenzene, chlorophenasic acid; secondly, all the useful organic materials of pyrolysis equipment will be processed by high temperature pyrolysis and high temperature burning to produce combustible gas, which can divide the organic materials of large molecules into combustible gas of small molecules, and at the same time the residual materials in the high temperature furnace will be further burned. In this way, it can turn the Cu, Fe of residual waste into catalyst. Besides, the garbage disposal system can control the reaction condition of dioxin syhthesis.

4. The whole automatic sorting system has realized mechanization and fully automatic under the condition of fully sealed, which has largely reduced the labor intensity and improved the working environment of workers. Our solid waste processing plant will not cause any pollution to the surrounding environment. All parts of Beston solid waste recycling plant have a fully sealed design and compartment operation. The pretreatment system of waste operates under the negative pressure. The odor of production line will be pumped to pyrolysis equipment for burning. Our machine is also equipped with the electric control cabinet which can show all data of operation and testing. Through all the operations and testing, the indicators of our machine have met and even exceeded national standards, so it has a better environmental efficiency and economic efficiency. At present, the pyrolysis technology of urban garbage energy and comprehensive utilization has entered the growth stage, and the market demand for technical equipment is quite considerable.